Case Study

Droguerie de la Tour

The transformation of a fourth-generation family-owned hardware/drugstore inside a 15th century medieval tower

Drugstore Renovation - new interior layout with shelf space for 8,500 products, designed by Beatrice Leupold


  • The transformation of a 1450’s building into a modern store for a pristine customer experience
  • A new interior layout for a reconfigured store layout, shelf space for 8,500 products, an updated cellar stock area, and a dedicated office
  • The creation of a graphic design used for signage and staff uniforms
  • A custom design for interior furniture to fit the medieval tower
  • Ecological solutions for energy saving (light and heating)
  • A design-for-all concept responding to multiple impairments, including hearing, sight, and motor skills
  • An enhanced window footprint for improving the view into the store for passing pedestrians
  • An adherence to updated historical/classified codes from “Architectes des Bâtiments de France”


  • Modernizing and configuring a building which was nested inside a medieval tower built in 1450, became a hardware/drugstore in 1820, and was again reimagined in 1970
  • Working with a deadline of four weeks to complete a full restoration
  • Adhering to the historical restoration guidelines regarding the historical building, façade, windows, and signage
  • Retrofitting the building for the required handicap access